Pure Physio is a private pay/out-of-network physical therapy clinic.  With this model, we are not bound by insurance companies’ stipulations and limitations. This also allows us to provide longer one-on-one sessions and give all necessary treatment without restrictions.


All clients are required to pay at the time of service. Pure Physio will provide clients with a superbill to submit to their insurance company if they qualify for reimbursement. Pure Physio can also provide evaluation and treatment notes if needed. Ultimately, the client is responsible for knowing their insurance benefits but we can help you understand them better. Most of our clients choose to pay out of pocket because of their high deductible.

Direct Access in New Jersey means you can schedule your appointment without a medical doctor’s referral.  Not all insurance plans require a medical doctor’s prescription, but some may.  For more details, please refer to the direct access policy PDF below.


1. What is direct access? 

    In New Jersey, direct access simply means you have the ability to contact and schedule an appointment with your physical therapist without a referral      from a physician. To learn specifics about direct access, please refer to the "Direct Access Policy" PDF above. 

2. Why are you not in-network with my insurance company? What does private pay/out-of-network mean?

    Pure Physio is not considered an in-network provider as we prefer to treat patients with their individual goals in mind without any limitations set by insurance companies. Private pay/out-of-network model allows us to provide one-on-one high quality treatment you need. With our payment model, patients pay directly for the services provided but also have an option to submit a superbill for reimbursement if their insurance provides out of network benefits. Patient is responsible for knowing their current insurance benefits information. Many of our patients choose the private pay model and do not submit a superbill due to their high deductible.


3. What is a superbill? 

    A superbill is a receipt of services provided. It will include details about Pure Physio as a provider, diagnosis (ICD-10 codes), details regarding treatment charges (CPT codes), and the date of service. Patients can then submit this superbill with a claims form to get directly reimbursed from their insurance company if eligible.