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Acupuncture Physical Therapy New Jersey

Dry Needling

Functional dry needling is a skilled technique using filiform needles to penetrate skin and tissue to cause change in the structure and function of an area to treat musculoskeletal conditions, pain, and movement dysfunction. It is sued independently, or in conjunction with electrical stimulation, to treat pain, trigger points, and also to “reset” the system following an injury. It is used as a stimulus to cause change and restore function. 

Dry needling is a tool used in our practice along with other treatment options and modalities. It is not used as the only form of treatment. Since the needles are the same as the ones used by acupuncturists, it is important to know to difference between the two treatment approaches. Dry needling relies on evidence-based western science to address musculoskeletal injuries while Acupuncture follows traditional Chinese medicine. Evaluation, application, and outcomes of dry needling are different than those of acupuncture.

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